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Do my audience participants have to pay anything to give me feedback?
Not a penny!

OratorCue is available for free and works with both iPhone and Android phones. It’s available to download from iTunes or Google Play, respectively.


I recently purchased OratorPro, and love the features, thanks! I'd like to add the ability to record my feedback, and it looks like OratorPro Plus does that. Is it possible to upgrade to OratorPro Plus?
Yes, you can upgrade from OratorPro to OratorPro Plus by paying whatever the published difference in price as at that time.

We are implementing the upgrade process on the app store very soon. Until then, just send us a quick note, letting us know you’re interested in upgrading, and we’ll set it up for you.

I’ve seen your video for OratorPro and am intrigued. Can I try it out before I make a decision to purchase?

We’ve got a great solution for you – you can download a free version of OratorPro – called OratorLive – from the Apple’s iTunes App Store. For your convenience, here’s a direct link:

Download OratorLive for your iPad

OratorLive performs the same functions as OratorPro, with a few limitations. It allows the speaker to track 1-3 feedback alerts from  up to 3 people at the same time,  for a maximum of 30 minutes.

I would like to purchase OratorPro Plus for my entire organization. Do you offer large volume purchase discounts?
We would be glad to discuss volume purchase discounts with you.
Please use the contact form on this page to get directly in touch with us.
I want to use OratorPro to prepare for an upcoming presentation, but I don't have an iPad.
Can I use my iPhone?
Great news….

Due to overwhelming interest, we have accelerated this capability. Our next versions of OratorLive, OratorPro and OratorPro+ will run on iPhones!

Fill in the contact form to the left, and let us know that you’re interested. We’ll get back to you with the latest release schedule.

What happens when multiple people give simultaneous feedback?
Excellent question!

In the current version, when the speaker receives feedback for a specific alert, that alert will light up on the speaker’s iPad for 10 seconds. 

After 10 seconds, any new feedback for that same alert, will again light up, on the speaker’s dashboard.

In the next release of OratorPro we plan to add a  “threshold level” setting. This will allow the speaker to specify a percentage of the audience that needs to simultaneously select that same alert before that alert lights up on the speaker’s display.

Stay tuned!

You mention that OratorPro can help the speaker get feedback from people who might be reluctant because of their cultural background.

My experience with the younger generation is that they aren’t as shy, and will openly comment or ask questions during a presentation. So is this still relevant?

We’ve spent many years learning about world cultures and would like to provide further insight on this topic (see our consulting/coaching/training website at www.global-context.com ).

Although younger people with extensive Western exposure may speak up more, it’s a bit different when they’re asked to actually interrupt someone.  In fact, even Americans comfortable with confrontation will hesitate interrupting more than a few times for fear of being considered a nuisance.

We also know from experience that many people from hierarchal cultures are still reluctant to interrupt someone who’s their elder, manager or supervisor.

And consider this: What if the speaker doesn’t want to be constantly interrupted because they perceive it as a sign of disrespect? OratorPro helps with this as well, since only the speaker can see when feedback is sent.

Do people actually practice their presentations in front of others? I barely have the time to put my presentation together let alone get up in front of a practice audience.
We’ve heard comments like this many times in the past, so obviously you are not alone.

That said, if you are committed to take your presentation skills to the next level, then practicing in front of an audience–and getting their feedback–is a must.

Need further proof?  Consider this…

Not that long ago we were conducting a seminar for a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company when one of the participants told us she never practiced their presentation. She felt that practicing took away from the “freshness” she liked to provide in front of an audience.

So we took the opportunity to ask the other seminar participants if they’d heard any of her previous presentations, and if so, how many felt that she came across as if she hadn’t practiced?

The reply was unanimous. Everyone felt she hadn’t practiced and that her presentations would have been so much better if she had.

‘Nuff said. 🙂

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